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Here are some nice things some extraordinary nice and particularly talented people said about my book. I didn’t even pay them, so I think they mean it!

“Quirky, chatty, off-the-cuff, self-mocking, and fantastically enjoyable, Travis M. Andrews’ Because He’s Jeff Goldblum is like a book-form version of the actor and cult hero himself. It’s like an extended conversation with the fantastically strange leading man from Jurassic Park and Independence Day, incorporating everything from the acting philosophy of Sanford Meisner to the competition for the world’s biggest Goldblum fan. It is inside-out biography, pop-culture criticism with pizzazz, and it is, like the actor himself, nothing but sheer pleasure to encounter.”

Saul Austerlitz, author of Generation Friends


“Jeff Goldbum is the only man in Hollywood capable of selling himself as a heinous human/insect hybrid, a jacket-clad mathematician/dinosaur expert and the Grandmaster of the Avengers universe. Travis M. Andrews’s Because He’s Jeff Goldblum is a brilliant, fascinating deep dive into Goldblum’s life and career, revealing that he’s even smarter, funnier and weirder than we dared to hope.”

—Andy Greene, Rolling Stone senior writer and author of The Office: An Oral History

“Andrews leads fans on a tour of Goldblum’s unconventional career and cultural resonance with all the wit and charm of the actor himself.”
Jennifer Keishin ArmstrongNew York Times bestselling author of Seinfeldia

“I’m going to buy 100 copies.”
—  Mindy Andrews, my mother